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What are the advantages of the automatic soldering principle?

In the electronics industry, a machine-automatic soldering machine that is well understood has greatly improved the disadvantages of low quality and low efficiency of artificial solder. Therefore, the majority of manufacturers understand the characteristics of automatic soldering machines, in order to better improve the efficiency of the work.

1. Low energy consumption: The energy required for the automatic soldering machine is appropriate with a general manual soldering machine. High power: The typical welding speed is several times higher than that of the conventional manual soldering machine.

Second, to prevent solder damage: the main damage factor of solder in welding is lead smoke, if you do not prevent inhalation of people's body, it will bring great damage to workers. The solder fume purifier with automatic soldering machine can absorb lead smoke and prevent workers from being damaged.

Third, to ensure product quality: the parameters of each step of the automatic soldering machine are controlled by PLC, the whole process of soldering is under control, ensuring the quality of the product, and will never exhibit the phenomenon of virtual welding or false welding. The automatic soldering machine operates stably and continuously, and the output value of the welding products is fixed, ensuring the completion of the order quantity within the specified time.

Fourth, saving materials costs: Now the raw material prices continue to rise, profit margins continue to cut, competition between the profession is fierce, automatic soldering machine can save solder resources and save resources costs compared to artificial solder.

V. Finishing messy solder: The automatic soldering machine has many functions such as drag welding, spot welding, over-traveling, automatic cleaning, etc., and can complete many difficult and complicated soldering operations that cannot be completed by humans.

Sixth, the welding metal surface requirements are low, oxidation or electroplating can be welded. The welding time is short, no flux, gas, solder, no good conductivity after welding, and the resistance coefficient is extremely low or nearly zero. After the microcomputer is controlled by the robot, it is possible to perform the processes of spot welding, drag welding, welding round, welding straight line, irregular welding shape, automatic cleaning, etc.

Eight, saving labor costs: automatic soldering machine operation is simple and easy to learn, employees do not need long-term training to be able to get started, useful to prevent the loss of staff to the company.

Nine, high reliability: Fully automatic soldering machine is adjustable digital time, pressure, power, temperature, arc and high precision CCD video capture to ensure that each solder joint and arc reaches the most ideal welding effect.

X. Automation: The scale is small, the maintenance workload is small, and the adaptability is strong, making the automatic soldering machine the first choice for the LED automatic packaging production line.

11. Intelligent control, the input soldering program automatically performs the required soldering action, and then shows the high degree of automation of the device, and the advantages of high intelligence and high controllability. Welding without sparks, environmentally safe.

12. Machine life: The automatic soldering machine is made of high quality imported parts and finished parts. It has excellent anti-wear performance, easy installation, high welding precision and useful postponing machine life. Lushengda Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of dispensing machines, glue filling machines, automatic soldering machines, etc. It has mastered the core technologies of dispensing machines and automatic soldering equipment, and has many technologies in the industry.


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