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Automatic dispenser manufacturers teach you how to choose the ten common sense of the model?

Many manufacturers need to use automatic dispensers more or less will have such a question, how to correctly know the type of dispensers they need before finding a dispenser manufacturer?

      Automatic dispensing machine selection knowledge:

      1. If the liquid has additives or needs to be combined with vacuum defoaming, the drum should be equipped with an electric mixer.

      2. When the liquid has influence on the operation due to temperature change, the temperature control system should be installed in the barrel or pipeline.

      3. If the liquid has quartz powder or other abrasive powder additives, it is recommended to use a piston volumetric metering product.

      4. If there is any additive in the liquid and there is a serious precipitation phenomenon, the gear metering type cannot be used.

      5, the two-liquid mixing method needs to be based on the ratio of height to viscosity to determine the use of static or dynamic mixing.

      6. When the viscosity difference between the two liquids A and B is too large or the ratio is above 5:1, a dynamic mixer is required.

      7. In conjunction with the use of automation equipment, please install a high and low level detector.

      8. If the liquid will crystallize, in addition to the storage tank, the supply piping must also be equipped with temperature control.

      9. When the amount of glue used in daily work is large, the feed pump can be used instead of the glue storage tank.

      10. If there is no bubble in the potting process, vacuum infusion system is required.


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