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Automatic spot soldering machine tells you how to maintain the tip

Among all the components of the automatic soldering machine, the soldering iron tip is the most important part, so the soldering machine manufacturer must focus on the maintenance of the soldering machine in the daily life. According to the relevant professionals, the soldering iron should be included in the ranks of the wearing parts. Therefore, as the most vulnerable part, it needs special protection. The following reliable soldering machine manufacturers will tell you how to maintain the soldering iron tip.

First, must be used and stored at the appropriate temperature

This is the least noticeable thing in the use of soldering iron tips. Many people think that they are extremely temperature resistant. Even so, if they are stored or used for a long time in a high temperature environment, the soldering iron will be fast. Oxidation, and after the previous manufacturer's experiment by the soldering machine manufacturer, it was found that the high temperature work will greatly reduce the functionality of the soldering iron tip, and secondly, shorten its service life. If the temperature is higher than four Baidu, it should be absolutely forbidden.

Second, must be cleaned in time

Soldering machine manufacturers introduce more attention when using soldering iron tips in daily life, but it is inevitable that they will be stained with black oxide. Therefore, soldering machine manufacturers recommend cleaning the corrosive substances on the soldering iron tip in time after use. The zinc-tin layer is plated, and the soldering iron can be periodically cleaned with a sponge. After repeated cleaning, the oxide is completely removed, and the tin layer is better coated.

Third, regular replacement

In the general direction, the tip should be replaced regularly. For example, when the tip of the tip is exposed, its functionality is greatly reduced, and it usually affects the performance of the work, sometimes due to manual operations. Will cause the tip of the tip to bump or appear incomplete. At this point, soldering machine manufacturers are recommended to replace in time, so as to avoid the impact of the tip on other aspects, but also avoid danger.

All in all, when the tip is being maintained, on the one hand, it is necessary to pay attention to the temperature, and on the other hand, it is necessary to pay attention to anti-corrosion, because according to the soldering machine manufacturer, the above are the two most important reasons for the damage of the soldering iron tip, so discretion Can be circumvented. In order to avoid heat conduction failure, please be sure to use within the standard temperature range.


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