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The manufacturer of automatic locking screw equipment tells you that the biggest advantage is that i

The desktop automatic locking screw machine is a machine that replaces the traditional manual tightening of screws. Manual screw tightening includes both manual tightening and electric screwdriver or pneumatic screwdriver. The latter generates rotary power by electric or pneumatic means instead of frequent manual tightening, which reduces the work of the lock screw to some extent. Strength, but due to the large amount of work time and effort required to manually place the screws and align the head of the screw, the overall efficiency improvement is limited.


The advantage of the automatic lock screw machine in this mode is flexibility and high efficiency. According to the set coordinates, the machine automatically completes the product lock payment. The Z-axis can be loaded with 4 electric batches at the same time, which greatly improves production efficiency. To replace the product, just change the lock point coordinates. The operation is very simple. In today's era of rapid product upgrades, you can greatly save investment in fixed assets. The feeding system adopts the turbine direct vibration method to feed the screws onto the vibrating guide rails, and delivers them to the screw distribution system, distributes the screws through the distribution system and sends the screws to the lock nozzle through the air pipe pressure, and automatically passes the robot according to the set coordinates. Complete the lock payment.



1. It adopts double-station automatic alternate operation, the machine can work continuously. When the workpiece on one of the worktables is locked, it can be loaded on another worktable, which is safe, convenient, fast and efficient.


2, semi-automatic mode can also be used, that is, press a switch to start a workbench, and then start another workbench after completion;

3. One machine can store the programming of one hundred sets of products, which can convert the processing of products at any time, which is convenient and quick;


4. The feeding system is perfect, and it has the function of automatically processing the card material, and there will be no jamming phenomenon.


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