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What are the advantages of welding round wire in soldering machine manufacturers?

With the continuous development of the society, the solder industry in the coastal areas is gradually upgrading the industry. Many manufacturers engaged in DC soldering are also gradually replacing the artificial solder with the DC head automatic soldering machine, which greatly improves the soldering. Efficiency, saving labor costs.

DC automatic soldering machine application range:


1. Solder 2 solder joints between the DC head and the wire.


2. Round wire and flat wire can be welded. Support DC55, DC3.5 and other DC head series.


3. DC head automatic soldering machine does not need to peel, no core stripping, flat line does not need to divide the line output of more than 1600 per hour.


4. Only one ordinary employee can put the line. One machine = 4-5 soldering technicians, no quality problems, and the yield is 99.0%.


What should be paid attention to in automatic soldering machine


1, the core of welding


Soldering is the formation of a metal chemical bond between the solder and the metal. The molecules of the solder penetrate the molecular structure of the surface metal of the substrate to form a strong, fully metallic structure. When the solder melts, it is not possible to wipe it completely off the metal surface because it has become part of the base metal.


2, clean


When the "solder surface" and "metal surface" are very clean, the solder will wet the metal surface, which is much more clean than the metal sheet, because the solder must be tightly connected to the metal. Otherwise, a very thin oxide layer is formed immediately between them.


3, capillary action


If two clean metal surfaces are brought together and immersed in the molten solder, the solder will wet the two metal surfaces and climb upward to fill the gap between the adjacent surfaces, which is a capillary action. If the metal surface is not clean, there will be no wetting and capillary action, and the solder will not fill this point.


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