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What are the three major points in Shenzhen's automatic dispensing machine manufacturers?

The automatic dispensing machine can realize precise high-speed automatic dispensing, and its internal structure is inseparable. The automatic dispensing machine is composed of three parts: actuator, drive mechanism and control system. The automatic dispenser is working. The internal work is very clear, and the three parts are coordinated.

The first component: the executive

Shenzhen Dispenser Manufacturer: What is the internal composition of the automatic dispenser?

The actuator of the automatic dispenser is mainly responsible for performing the dispensing operation. The execution structure of the automatic dispenser is composed of two parts: the robot and the torso. The robots operate in a straight line during the operation. In order to cooperate with the operation of the manipulator, actuators such as a linear hydraulic cylinder, a swing hydraulic cylinder, an electro-hydraulic pulse motor, a servo hydraulic motor, an AC servo motor, a DC servo motor, and a stepping motor are generally selected.

The second component: the drive mechanism

The drive mechanism of the automatic dispenser is mainly divided into four types, including: hydraulic drive, pneumatic drive, electric drive and mechanical drive. However, most of the dispensers use electric and pneumatic drives, because the automatic dispenser equipment uses these two drive systems to better save the glue, so that the glue water resources can be rationally utilized, reducing the cost of dispensing!

The second component: the control system

The control system of the automatic dispensing machine mainly includes a motion control card, an offline conversion board, a handheld teaching box, a serial line, an interface line, a software dog, an offline liquid product, an offline keyboard, a thin code switch dispensing program, and the like. This is also to ensure the high speed, convenience and speed of the dispensing operation. The automatic dispensing machine selects such a control system to make the file easy to download, and facilitates the convenient management of the data, which provides more convenience for our dispensing work.


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