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Underwear dispenser


1. Easy to install and easy to operate.

2, through the computer programming, to achieve precise positioning and dispensing control three-axis linkage, to achieve spatial linear interpolation or two-axis circular interpolation; at the same time the automatic coating machine has CAD import function, you can draw glue from the computer The path is imported directly, allowing you to complete any dispensing path settings.

3, with trapezoidal and S-shaped curve acceleration and deceleration function, to prevent the sharp bend part of the glue, build glue, so that the glue area is more perfect.

4. It can easily complete matrix copying, offset modification, correction point setting of various paths... and super-functions such as program transmission between each machine.

5, compact structure design, the equipment is more durable, to maintain the accuracy of dispensing.

6, with independent universal input and output contacts, can be perfect for glue, dispensing, glue spraying, filling requirements;

7. It can store multiple independent running programs, which can be quickly called when you use it again, without reprogramming.

8, simple programming method, that is, ready to use, can be used without professional training, learning operation and maintenance is simple and fast.

9, can be customized according to different application requirements.


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