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Shenzhen jet dispenser

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1. High-frequency spray valve, high precision of glue coating, fast reaction speed of dispensing valve, and uniform coating line.

2, aluminum profile molding structure, solid, beautiful, high precision;

3, operation control control card + handheld box programming, simple and practical, full-featured;

4, Japan's Shinano motor, Taiwan's silver rail, Omron Optoelectronics, Italy Italian pull belt, research control drive, red wave switch, high configuration parts, durable;

5, we provide free sample service, first proofing to see the effect, and then rest assured to buy goods;

Shenzhen Jet Dispenser Contact: Mr. Chen

Shenzhen Jet Dispenser Phone: 15323815568

Shenzhen Jet Dispenser Enterprise Website: www.szqn1688.com


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