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High-speed jet automatic dispenser

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1. On behalf of manual specific dispensing operation, mechanized production, simple and convenient, high-speed and precise, with work control buttons, can be operated without external trainer single machine, easier to install than similar products, easier to debug, more operational settings It is simple.

2. The machine body adopts CNC integrated processing, which effectively guarantees the verticality of XYZ, improves the processing precision of the equipment, and greatly reduces the ultra-quiet operation.

3. The humanized teaching box makes it easy for you to complete the program setting. With the teaching box of the graphic button design, you can easily set any dispensing path between the fingers. It also makes it easy to perform matrix functions such as matrix copying, offset modification, calibration point setting, and program transfer between machines.

4. A PC-BASE control system with 3D circular interpolation, the carefully developed control card makes it a truly PTP and CP three-axis circular interpolation device, allowing you to use it safely for any non-planar 3D point. Glue path.

5. Chinese operation interface program files can be uploaded/downloaded via U disk for easy data management and saving.

6. Applicable to all kinds of demand dispensing industry;

7. Simple injection valve, the frequency is really 200 times / sec, the cost of maintenance is low, and it is suitable for most glues;

8. Aluminum profile casting structure, solid, beautiful, high precision;

9. Operation control card + handheld box programming, simple and practical, full-featured.

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