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Three-axis desktop silicone dispenser

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1. It can meet the continuous operation of production line or automatic dispensing. The pressure barrel type loading and unloading glue is fast and convenient, which saves the operation time on the production line and saves a lot of glue and packaging material costs.

2. Compact design: The raw material barrel and metering pump are built in the anti-compact design of the main body, which makes the operation simple and convenient, and can be easily placed in a small space;

3. Superior price: Compared with similar models in this industry, it can reduce the cost and improve the cost performance under the premise of satisfying the product performance.

4. Piston pressure barrel type glue machine to solve the special demand of high-speed glue supply for high-viscosity silica gel for automatic dispensing machine, the speed of silicone dispensing is improved.

Suitable for all areas of industrial production: mobile phone buttons, switches, connectors, computers, digital products, electronic toys, speakers, buzzers, electronic components, circuit boards, LCD screens, relays, speakers, crystal components, LED lights , casing bonding, optical lens, mechanical parts seal.

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