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Rotary type automatic screw machine

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Precision mechanical design, innovative mechanism design, easy to save time, and stable and reliable operation;

Intelligent detection, floating lock and slippery teeth in the lock-up process reduce the inspection process;

The screw feeder adopts the latest rotary disc type structure, with low noise, high reliability of the lock screw, no screw, no maintenance;

Advanced feeding system reduces the probability of jamming and greatly improves the comprehensive benefits;

High versatility, the replacement screw delivery module can be adapted to the M1.0-M4 screw lock;

It has strong flexibility, and the standard universal fixture is suitable for screw locks of various models. The device is small in size and can be easily placed in the production line;

Turntable automatic screw Contact: Mr. Chen

Rotary type automatic screw phone: 15323815568

Rotary type automatic screw contact telephone: 0755 29605516

Rotary type automatic screw fax: 0755 29591314

Rotary automatic screw enterprise website: www.szqn1688.com


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